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New and economic prices for 2010

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Dear clients,
we have been blessed with the best clientele on the Costa del Sol, and would like to reward your loyalty with our new pricing scheme.
For drop off support in Nagüeles, we have a reduced price to 35 Euros per hour. Please see below the Google Maps and GPS coordination.
For every recommendation we reward you with a 5% to a maximum 40% discount on technical support charges, and for every 10th client a free hour call out. The percentage is calculated on the amount of recommendations.
Our call out price is still 70 Euros for a full hour and travel time included. If the work gets finished in half an hour, the charge is 45 Euros.
Please email us for any further queries.
Happy New Year 2010!

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Happy holidays dear clients!

Friday, December 11th, 2009

We’re entering the first decennial of the new millennium, and even though the worldly crisis has struck many of our acquaintances and friends, we have come through it together. Tanuki Data has had a steadfast and successful year, and with these thoughts in mind, we wish you a more promising and blessed year, in hope of abundance both in health as well as wealth.

Tanuki Data will be closed from December 19th 2009 until January 2nd, 2010, and will only be available via SMS or our company email:

We thank you for your loyal business and confidence in both of us, and hope that the holidays may give you a respite from the daily qualms. May the coming year bring prosperity and joy unto us all.

Maja and Joey